Traveling through Europe offers all kinds of experiences: big cities with a thousand plans, charming little towns, long train trips, islands with beachfront resorts… Although for those looking for a more intimate connection with nature, go camping in Europe It is the ideal option.

From majestic forests to picturesque coastlines, the old continent has a variety of destinations that will delight camping lovers. In this article, We share the 10 best camping destinations in Europe. He prepares his backpack, let’s go! 😉

When planning your next camping trip in Europe, these destinations will offer you unforgettable experiences amidst natural beauty. Remember to respect the environment and follow sustainable camping practices to preserve these incredible landscapes. We also recommend Reserve your camping spot in advance, especially in popular destinations and holiday seasons. At Camping Tohapi you can find a wide variety of campsites throughout the continent.

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1. The Swiss Alps

Breathtaking alpine landscapes await campers in the Swiss Alps. With green meadows and crystal clear lakes, this destination is perfect for mountain lovers. The best time to camp is in summer, when temperatures are mild and mountain trails are clear.

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The imposing Matterhorn peak, an iconic place in the Swiss Alps

2. Picos de Europa National Park, Spain

For a unique experience on the Iberian Peninsula, head to the Picos de Europa National Park. This impressive place offers majestic mountain landscapesperfect for hiking and camping. Spring and autumn are the ideal seasonswhen temperatures are pleasant and the peaks are covered in autumn flowers.

3. Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you prefer to camp by the sea, the Amalfi Coast in Italy is your destination. With Steep cliffs, crystal clear waters and picturesque villagesthis place is ideal for coastal camping. We recommend avoiding the summer months Because there is a lot of tourism, prices rise and the crowds take away the charm of the beautiful corners of this area.

best camping destinations in Europebest camping destinations in Europe
The small towns with colorful facades on the cliffs have privileged views of Mount Vesuvius

4. Plitvice National Park, Croatia

The Plitvice lakes and waterfalls create a magical setting. There is no designated area to sleep within the National Park, but there are several campsites available in the surrounding area. Staying there is a great way to enter the park first thing in the morning, avoiding crowds and enjoying the tranquility of the place. You can also explore trails in the area.

curiosities of Croatiacuriosities of Croatia
Plitvice, a true gem that you should not miss in Croatia

5. Black Forest, Germany

For a camping experience in an enchanting forest setting, the Black Forest in Germany is perfect. Their dense forests, picturesque villages and lakes They will be an unforgettable scene. It’s a ideal destination for those who want to combine nature with cultural visits and walks through picture-postcard towns.

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6. Verdon Gorges, France

The Verdon Gorges are known as the “Grand Canyon of Europe”. With turquoise waters and impressive cliffs, this gorge is a unique camping destination. Spring and fall are ideal to avoid crowds and enjoy the scenery with good weather.

best camping destinations in Europebest camping destinations in Europe
A postcard landscape!

7. Norwegian Fjords

The Norwegian fjords provide a spectacular backdrop for campers. Their vertical cliffs and deep waters They create a unique atmosphere. Besides, In Norway there is a long tradition of doing outdoor activities during the summer to take advantage of the super long days and the good weather.

Although it is not found in the fjords, Jotunheimen is the largest national park in Norway. Its imposing peaks and vast glaciers will leave you speechless. Summer is the best time to visit, as the snow has melted, revealing stunning mountain landscapes.

how much does it cost to travel to norwayhow much does it cost to travel to norway
We were lucky enough to take a boat ride from Stavanger on a beautiful day

8. Tatras National Park, Poland and Slovakia

This cross-border park offers Impressive mountain landscapes ideal for taking long walks and surrounding yourself in an environment where tranquility reigns. Spring and summer are ideal for camping, when the flora and fauna are in full swing and all the trails are open.

9. Algarve, Portugal: perfect beach destination for camping in Europe

The Algarve region is, without a doubt, one of the best camping destinations in Europe if you like the beach. Las golden beaches of the region, such as Praia da Marinha and Praia Dona Ana, offer crystal clear waters and impressive cliffs that will take your breath away. Enjoy the serenity of nature at Parque Natural da Ria Formosa and embark on a visual journey through its idyllic landscapes.

To avoid the crowds, consider camping in lesser-known spots like Ilha Deserta or Praia do Carvalho, where it’s quieter to enjoy the authentic Algarvian experience.

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best beaches in the Algarvebest beaches in the Algarve
The beautiful Praia Dona Ana, one of the most beautiful in the Algarve

10. Faroe Islands, Denmark

For one unique island experience, the Faroe Islands are a hidden treasure in the North Atlantic. Although the weather can be unpredictable, summer offers longer days and milder temperatures. Who said all island vacations have to be tropical? 😉


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