Every year, the number of travelers who decide to take a cruise for their vacations increases. According to statistics from the International Association of Cruise Lines, more than six million have done so during so far in 2022. Let’s see which are the best cruises to do in Europe.

Buying a vacation package on a cruise has many advantages. One of them is that you have everything in one place, you will not worry about taking a means of transport to go from one place to another, nor about looking for a bar or a restaurant to have a good time. In addition, the offer of places to visit is very varied, so you will reach several places in a single plan.

On a cruise you will meet people from many parts of the world, which allows you to make new friends and break the language barrier, in a relaxed, comfortable and calm environment. And finally, at the beginning of the trip everything is already cancelled: food, accommodation and activities to do on the days you spend on board the ship.

There are cruises for all tastes and budgets. For a trip of 5 to 10 days the cost is usually between 500 and 1500 euros, depending in most cases on the season you choose to travel. In spring and autumn, they are less crowded, so prices are cheaper. The downside is that you may not find all the sun you’re looking for.

But also, consider the duration, the selected destination and the additional services offered. The more stops you have, the higher the cost. On the other hand, luxury cruises include exotic places in their route, which makes trips very expensive and not very accessible for most people.

The four best cruises in Europe

The best offers to choose a cruise in Europe are given between September and November. In the previous months, the prices multiply, as it happens in hotels and restaurants. If you want to plan your vacations on this continent, now you will have four good recommendations that you should take into account.

10 nights in the Greek Islands and Italy

The best cruises to do in Europe

This crossing is aboard Norwegian Escape, which includes stops at the most outstanding ports that are on the route. The itineraries offered range from 7 to 11 nights, with dates until the month of November. The places he will visit are: Santorini Island, Piraeus-Athens, Mykonos Island and Corfu Island in Greece, Valletta (Malta), Messina, Naples, Livorno and Civitavecchia in Italy.

The price of the trip is 439 euros in the standard cabin, although the exterior, balcony and suite are also offered, with higher prices. Includes meals on a flexible schedule, water, coffee, ice cream, lemonade, youth facilities and entertainment. In addition you get internet service, dinners in restaurants and land excursion packages. There are other services that require an additional payment.

7 days around the Mediterranean

The best cruises to do in Europe

Each day of this trip is full of different landscapes, passing through urban, historical, towns and beaches. Includes visits to the cities of Athens and Dubrovnik in Greece, Barcelona in Spain, Venice in Italy and Kotor in Montenegro. There is a way to visit part of these towns and use the boat as a hotel. It has several plans available and you can choose the one that seems most convenient.

Prices are between 700 and 1000 euros. The cabins have a maximum size of 16 square meters and the ship’s facilities include a bar, cinema, restaurant, waitress service, musical and recreational activities. Most agencies present a list of extra things for which a separate price must be paid.

9 days in the Baltic

The best cruises to do in Europe

This cruise becomes a combination of history, art and culture, on the route that crosses Germany, Russia, Sweden and Finland, at a price of 1,222 euros. It stops in Copenhagen, Berlin, Tallinn, Saint Petersburg, Helsinki and Stockholm. It gives you the opportunity to walk a bit through each of the cities you stop at and learn about its natural and architectural wonders.

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The cabins are modern, with spaces for all tastes that reach the luxurious suites. It has study areas, spas, bars, lounges, restaurants, cafes, water parks, slides, casinos and stores for internal purchases. If an unforeseen event occurs, the itineraries change without prior notice and for safety reasons, passengers must be on board two hours before the trip starts.

8 days on the MSC SeaView cruise

The best cruises to do in Europe

This eight day trip departs from the city of Barcelona, ​​in Spain. At the beginning you will be able to know some outstanding places of this city and then you will go to one of the largest cities on the French coast such as Marseille. Continue through Genoa, Naples, Messina, Valletta and return to your starting point. The price is 539 Euros and includes accommodation, musical activities, access to all facilities and boarding fees.

It does not include additional excursions by land, nor the entrance to the theme restaurants, neither drinks nor personal services. The ship is equipped with a water park, casino, theater, swimming pool, games room, cafe, bar, outdoor spaces and comfortable closed rooms.

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