There are things that you will have to spend money on your trip, but the ones that we show you today are completely free.

You arrived at Rio de Janeiro and now what you want is to devour the city, get to know it in depth and visit the most emblematic places. The tour you take and the sites you will include in part It will depend on the days you are going to be in the town.

In case you are short on budget or want to leave some money to buy souvenirs and take them to your friends or familywe have chosen ten free options to do in Rio de Janeiro. Of course remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes as well as a good camera where the memories are immortalized.

free things to do in rio de janeiro


One of the old neighborhoods to visit is that of Santa Teresa and one option to get there is in the tramway cable car. The tour begins in the Carioca metro giving you a walk through the architecture of the area. On arrival at the neighborhood you will see the things that give it life in its cobblestone streets, among them the galleries, shops and restaurants. The tram runs every day from 10am and is completely free.


Every Tuesday, admission to this museum is free. It is a rehabilitated space in the Porto Maravilha with a unique and impeccable design. It consists of three buildings that take us back to different periods of Brazilian history. When going up to its terrace you can see several emblematic sites; on the one hand the Guanabara Bay and on the other the plaza maua. Since 2013 it is open to the public who wants to see its exhibitions.


This park extends over 28 kilometers, being the largest urban jungle in the world, surrounded by hills and mountains. Thousands of animal and plant species are found in its territory along with natural water sources and waterfalls. Any time of the year is good to visit.


Going back to 1590, this monastery is still standing and was founded at the time by Benedictine monks. To date, it retains its colonial structure. It is located in the Sao Bento Hill and one of the things that most attracts tourists is that on Sundays religious services are performed with Gregorian chants.

free things to do in rio de janeirofree things to do in rio de janeiro


This bay has 6 kilometers long and although it is one of the most touristic places in Rio de Janeiro, it retains its particular charm over the years. Taking a bath in its waters and enjoying the atmosphere is one of the attractionsbut you can also walk its streets to try its rich cuisine.

free things to do in rio de janeirofree things to do in rio de janeiro


In this town you can see live samba and without paying anything. This is a site of great historical and religious value. Its name is due to the fact that in the place the slaves unloaded the salt to climb the hill through a ladder. Although it is a bit hidden, it is usually crowded with people who want to witness the activities.


There are many buildings, museums and churches that maintain their splendor of past times and that are enjoyed when touring the historic center of Rio de Janeiro. Recommended places include the Cultural Banco do Brasil, Caixa Cultural and the Rio Art Museum. The beauty and quality of the constructions continue to amaze.


This is one of the most famous attractions in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is located in the Lapa neighborhood and it was remodeled by a Chilean artist who bears this surname. Total It consists of 225 steps and covers a space of 125 meters. Over the years, modifications have been made to it and it has been the scene of video clips and television reports.

free things to do in rio de janeirofree things to do in rio de janeiro


The building is shaped like a cone and differs from many in the world because of its style. inside they fit 20 thousand people standing, is located in the center of the city and access is free. Nearby are the Lapa Arches that in their time served to transport water and today they are one more attraction.


This place is located near Copacabana Beach and from the top you have a unique perspective of the surroundings at a height of 200 meters. But also on the way you get a great variety of vegetation and birds. You will also see remains of some bunkers that the Brazilian army used during World War II.

free things to do in rio de janeirofree things to do in rio de janeiro


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