It is one of the most frequently asked questions that we see backpackers who are just starting out asking. These backpacking tips will help you. It is logical that they have doubts, that they think that there is a formula to make a successful trip, that there is a guide to follow to the letter. But it is not like that, the reality is that each trip is unique, and unrepeatable, each one does it in their own way, and live your own experience, and set the time you want to travel. But he never hurts to read some tips.

Choose the right backpack

There are different brands and models of backpacks. Some are more expensive, cheap, large, with more or less pockets and adjusters. It is advisable to know what type of trip you are going to make. For example if you are going to be traveling in a hot zone and you are not going to go to the mountains, It is not necessary to buy a 75 liter backpack because you will not be able to fill it. It is always good to take a jacket “just in case”. If you bring a tent and a sleeping bag, it is recommended that the backpack bring adjustable straps to be able to accommodate these elements around the backpack. It is super inconvenient to carry the tent and the sleeping bag in your hand during the trip. Ideally, these should be of excellent quality to prevent them from breaking on the way.
Also take into account the travel time you stipulate. Traveling without an estimated time or for 1 year is not the same as doing it for 15 days or a month, the size of the backpack in liters will also depend on that.

Malaysia routes.

Previous investigation of the places to visit

It is always good to do a little preliminary research on the climate, health situation (necessary vaccinations), local language, possible routes. Many times people choose the worst time of the year, there are several examples such as the natural disasters in the north of Peru in 2016 that cut off the routes. The beaches of Cancun that at certain times of the year receive exuberant amounts of Sargassum (seaweed that disfigures the Caribbean landscape) or even Machu Picchu itself have seasons where it is impossible to access. Not to mention the rainy seasons, it is never nice to take 15 or 20 days to travel and not be able to see the sun.

We recommend write down any doubts about the country or area to visit and do a little prior research on google where there are thousands of notes talking about everything.

how to carry the money

The best thing to do would be to keep your money in the bank and withdraw it as needed. There are ATMs in absolutely almost every country and town in the world. Another point in favor is that if we lose the card we can cancel it, and At least our money will be protected. We know of cases where travelers have lost the card and a friend or family member sends money by Western Union and then when he can take out a new card he returns it to you. Banks today let you process a new card over the phone and send it to any country you are in.

If you do not want to create an account because the commissions are high. there are some money and document belts that fit around the waist and you can wear it under the pants. It is not visible, it is not annoying and it is super practical. Just remember that if you go to the beach, or go out at night keep it somewhere safe like the lookers of hostels or houses of friends or hosts who host us. Always keep in mind that there is everything important, documents, money, etc.

plan your sleeping

Today it is very common to travel as a backpacker without paying a hostel for the entire trip. Yes, I am one of those who never spend on lodging. Many choose to travel in a tent and that does not need much planning, the best are the gas stations or surroundings, there they almost always give us a place to spend the night. If you are in a city it will be difficult to plant your tent in any park because there are rules and it is dangerous. Make sure you make an account at Couchsurfing that many times saves us and gives us a bed and a plate of hot food. It is good to investigate if where you are they are rigorous with camping “anywhere” for example in Europe is prohibited. But usually we always find a cheap campsite both in Europe and in America.

Many travelers prefer hostels and have the budget to use them, check prices on pages like booking and you even have the possibility of reserving them in advance.

Others prefer to pay for a night bus and sleep on the bus to save on lodging, but that it is not always possible if we plan to stay several days in a city, but it is a great plan to save extra money on lodging.

Sleeping at the gas station in Romania.


The plane is the fastest and most comfortable way to travel but at the same time the most expensive and least adventurous. I am one of those who do not use airplanes except in extreme cases such as crossing large oceans or time issues. Travel by road or train, enjoy those wonderful landscapes, breathe the air of the place, rub shoulders with local people, eat local food. You can travel on comfortable buses, cheaper and dilapidated buses, on trains, or even by hitchhiking, that is my preferred way, I have traveled 53 countries by hitchhiking and I did not do it to save money, I did it because families have picked me up on the route , workers, young people, elderly people who gave me a smile, told me their story and even took me to their house to meet their family and share a pleasant moment.

In Europe the offers of low cost flights They are very tempting, but even so, I still prefer the road. Whether in Europe, America or Asia, find out which is the most accessible transport for your pocket.

Hitched for Vietnam.Hitched for Vietnam.

Hitched for Vietnam.

Enjoy the trip, the people, the landscapes, Motivate yourself

Take pictures. Meet new people, from different countries, and races. Learn languages. Walk beaches, mountains, parks, avenues, highways, trails. Eat local food. Interact with locals, take buses, trains, boats to enjoy the landscape. If you don’t like something, then change it, if you feel that you don’t want to continue the trip, settle in a city for a few months, it is necessary to rest and regain strength. Learn new trades and endless advice that we can give you, the ideal is that traveling makes you happy, and when you feel that it is time to stop, leave everything and go home, do it, there is always time to return to the adventure.

Travel insured

We are not the one to convince anyone to take out travel insurance. In many places they require it, for example in Europe, it is a requirement to enter with travel insurance, although sometimes they do not even ask for it, it is more a matter of luck than anything else. But if we speak in terms of the person’s need, no one can assure us that we will have an accident-free trip, since we lead a riskier life than ordinary mortals.

The backpacker does not have a daily routine, so he faces new challenges every day, and having an accident abroad can be very costly and ruin our trip or even our lives if we do not treat it in time. We leave you a 5% discount with one of the best insurers for being a Portal Backpacker reader in case you decide to travel insured.


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