We leave you 10 recommendations to take into account if you are thinking of traveling to Europe as a backpacker.

At this moment you begin to plan your vacations and consult the best destinations to choose from. If you have already decided on Europawe are going to show you some of the cities you can choose for your pleasure trip and the entertainment and fun options that you will find.

There are them of all sizes, distributed among the different countries of the continent. From them you can choose the one that suits your tastes or enjoy more than one in a single trip. Europe is visited every year by thousands of backpackers wanting to venture into its most secret confines.


the capital of sweden is surrounded by islands connected by around 60 bridges. It is a mixture of palaces, historic buildings and modern architecture. Among the activities available in this city is visiting the Royal Palace, the Vasa Museum, boating, skiing or taking a train tour of its main places.



It is the second largest city in Portugal and is also defined as “The Portuguese Venice”. It is essential to take a walk through several of its historical monuments made up of churches, palaces and cathedralswalk through its narrow cobbled streets, cross the bridges that pass over the Duero apart from going to its beaches, tasting its gastronomy and tasting its renowned wines.



Cultural heritage and history come together in Munich. In the heart of the city is Marienplatzthe best known square and which was completed in 1638; the Cathedral of Our Lady of Munich which was built in the middle of the 14th century; the Palace that was the residence of the Bavarian monarchs, which was built in 1385 and is now a museum; plus many others parks, museums, buildings and natural gardens.



We are going to another capital, in this case the one of Greece, Athens. One of the main things you will find are buildings that reflect ancient Greek cultures. places like the Parthenon, Agora and the Acropolis They have positioned themselves at a high level in world tourism. You can also visit natural parks, including the one located next to the parliament, the archaeological museum or stroll through the plaka neighborhood and close the afternoon watching the sunset in the colina de Filopapo.



Florence is known as the city ​​of art, but it is also full of history, fashion and gastronomy. Among the places that can be visited is the Archeological Museumthe San Marco Monastery, the Pitti Palacethe Florence Cathedral and Piazza della Signora.



With 15 million inhabitants, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, a town that was once the capital of three empires. One of the biggest recommendations is take a boat tour on the Bosphorus and get to some historical monuments such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.



One of the main attractions of the Amsterdam is the network of canals that extends for 100 kilometers, connected by hundreds of bridges and that were declared Heritage of humanity by unesco. In addition, it has a large number of natural lungs, museums, palaces and a wide cultural offer. Another advantage is that in any season of the year it is good to visit it because there are options, for example in spring you can see the beautiful tulips and in autumn the trees are dressed in different colors.



IF there is an ideal city to sunbathe in Spain, it is Malaga, where the sun shines almost all year round and its offer of coasts is around 150 kilometers. One of the most famous fairs of the continent is held there and also It has a historic center that you can easily explore on foot. On the other hand, lovers of hiking find an option as it has a fairly large mountainous area.



In this city the number of tourists has been increasing in recent years. It is the second most important Poland and part of what attracts visitors is the dragon cave in which you can descend about 20 meters and contemplate the statue that is in the background; know some of the concentration camps that are located in the region or visit the old area where among other things is the Parque Planty that has many green areas, fountains, statues and palaces.



Closing our top10 we are going to Ginebrawhich is located at the foot of the Swiss Alps. One of the recommendations is take a cruise between Switzerland and France, delighting the eye with the variety of landscapes. Agencies offer different routes for adventure. Other options are visit the United Nations Palacewatch the waterfall water jet that moves from 140 meters high and finally take a tour of the historic center.


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