Tips, recommendations and prices for an adventure in which you will have to make several transfers.

To make the tour of Colombia to Panama simpler and without many complications, it is necessary that we have knowledge of the things that we are going to find along the way, thus being able to overcome any inconvenience or unforeseen.

It must be noted that between Colombia and Panama there is a tropical forest full of rivers, mountains, swamps and lagoons known as the Darien Gapthat the only way to cross it if you do not go by plane is through the sea.


We will start the route in Buenaventura, Colombiathe most important port in the country on the Pacific Ocean where we will ask about the boats that take us to Solano Bayin the department of Chocó on the north coast, in a journey that lasts about 22 hours, the transfer costing 50 dollars.

In Solano Bay it’s a sight to see humpback whales in the period between July and November, but also its beaches are spectacular. So enjoy the atmosphere while you take a boat to Jurado, where it will take us about two hours to arrive and for which we will have to pay another 20 dollars. It is advisable to ask the locals how often the boats leave or if there is one available to leave immediately.

Arriving at the dock in Juradoconsult the price of the boats to Jaqué. By asking you can get them to give you a discount, the ticket normally costs 60 dollars. If you plan to stay a while in the place, go to one of the indigenous communities that can also make the crossing for you, although for a little more money.

In the path. How to cross from Colombia to Panama

To seal the exit from Colombia you have two options; one is in Solano Bay and another is in Jurado. Many travelers recommend doing it in the latter because it is easy to get to the migration office, which is very close to the police and in case of any doubt you will find someone to guide you without any inconvenience.


Although you will still be in the Darién, once you enter Jaqué it is already Panamanian territory. It is a quiet area, where you will find yourself with a military control point where they will carry out the normal searches.

Among other things they will check your documents in the databaseThey will check your luggage and bring in the canine guard as a security measure to make sure you are not carrying anything illegal.

Once this procedure has been completed, you must go to the immigration office, which is very close to the Colombian consulate and where they work regular hours. from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

How to cross from Colombia to Panama

here again You must present the requirements to enter the country, including economic solvency and an exit ticket from Panama. That is mandatory for your passport to be stamped, otherwise you will be left waiting. Many what they do is buy a bus ticket from Panama that costs approximately 40 dollars.

When your passport is stamped, you have to go to the pier and ask for the boats that will take you to Panama City, these leave every three days and take 26 hours to reach the site. The cost is around 30 dollars.

This adventure is somewhat exhausting and even complicated by the routes you have to take. At least for transfer you should save about 200 dollars. The time may be different for each traveler, but it ranges from three days to a week.

If you are going to cross with a vehicle, the journey is much more complicated. One way is to go in a merchant ship without knowing how long it will take to get from one place to another, it could be up to three weeks or you can offer to work on board a ship changed because they pass you across the sea.

How to cross from Colombia to Panama


Consulting and reviewing, other options can be obtained to achieve the objective. One of them is move on a sailboatthat although it is not cheap, it gives the possibility of enjoying close to the waters of the sea. Another is in a fishing boat or finally opting to do it by plane.

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