Planning a trip to Australia sounds like a tremendous expense between airline tickets Plane and because of the high standard of living of this giant of Oceania. There are many destinations in Australia that deserve to be visited. Today there are treaties between Latin American countries and the mentioned country (see more on the subject) that allow us to go to study or even work for a year in this country, which is why many young people decide to migrate and have experience there. Others have the money perfectly budgeted to go on a great adventure of a month or more through these intriguing lands. from Portal Mochilero we suggest 6 places you should not miss if you are going to travel to Australia.

Australia’s red desert

I had the opportunity to cross the Australian desert from Port Augusta until Darwin, the almost 2,800 kilometers that separate one city from the other in 2015 through the only route that crosses it, the amazing Stuart Highway. In my case, I hitchhiked across the desert but most people choose to rent a car and enjoy the scenery and make stops in towns like Coober Pedy, a town built underground by the extreme heat that exists during the day, Alice Spring, a town in the middle of the desert that is near the Mount Uluru, also called Ayers Rock. One of Australia’s most popular and photographed icons.

One can see lots of Kangaroos, Snakes, Spiders and all kinds of animals that inhabit the red desert and must take certain precautions such as Don’t drive after the sun goes down because isIt’s the time when kangaroos are most active y they can collide with the cars and smash the windshield and check their shoes every morning to see if some poisonous spider didn’t get between them.

red desert of australia

When one enters the Australian desert, one sees a totally different reality from what one imagines, as one comes across aboriginal communities that inhabit these areas. Crossing the Australian desert means traveling through two territories of the country Australia Meridional and the Northern Territory, where different rules apply, such as the maximum speed that one can drive.

Mount Uluru

tasmanian island

The island of Tasmania is located about 200 kilometers south of the eastern side of the continent. A large part of the territory, approximately 40%, is made up of nature reserves and national parks. Tasmania has one of the largest areas in the world where mountains and cliffs are formed.

The combinations of the various types of rocks found in this area offer an incredible landscape that is not found in another region of the world. On the island of Tasmania some marsupials that have become extinct can be found in Australia and New Guinea. The most famous of the fauna species that inhabit the island is, of course, the Tasmanian devil. If you plan a visit to this country, Tazmania cannot be left out.

tasmanian island

Sydney Harbor

Sydney is an extremely photogenic city. As soon as you set foot in Sydney you will notice the number of Chinese citizens who have moved in to fill the city streets in incredible numbers that will make you wonder if we are really in Australia or Beijing.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Surrounded by shopping malls, parks and tall buildings, the city was made for us to walk through it. You can go up to bay Bridge, the best place to get spectacular pictures of the Opera House and his or her environment. Walk the internal streets, sit down for a coffee or a craft beer in one of the many typical bars in the city or set up a picnic in the park.

You shouldn’t deprive yourself of a night walk around Sydney Bay, illuminated by the large number of buildings and life that this wonderful city offers us.


the pink lagoon

Lake Hillier is a large expanse of water about 600 meters in diameter of a striking bubblegum pink. Is found in Middle Islandthe largest of the islands that make up the Recherche archipelagowestern Australia.

From the sky, Lake Hillier looks like an artificial blur: a pink oval surrounded by a ring of sand dunes and enveloped by the green of a thick eucalyptus forest. All this, a short distance from the sea, so that the image is even more spectacular. However, everything that is seen is purely and exclusively the work of nature.

pink lagoon

La Great Ocean Road

tour the Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, which is home to surfing beaches such as Bells Beach and the pinnacles of limestone of the Twelve Apostles. This region offers fishing villages, whale watching, shipwrecks, golden beaches, rainforests, and national parks. Walk the Great Ocean Walk or drive the Great Southern Touring Route, which a Melbourne with Adelaida. This is one of the most famous routes in the world.

The best way to enjoy this spectacular stretch of highway is by car or bus. Most driving tours depart from Melbourne. These include a tour guide, round-trip transportation, and a visit to the Twelve Apostles. In about 12 hours of driving we can enjoy this wonderful experience.

the 12 apostles

The great coral barrier

Along the northwestern coast of Australia is the set of largest coral reef in the world. With its 400 types of coral, its 1,500 species of fish and its 4,000 varieties of mollusks, the Great Barrier Reef offers a spectacle of extraordinary variety and beauty, as well as great scientific interest. Designated as a marine park by the Australian government and declared World Heritage by UNESCO, An extraordinary variety of species inhabits the reefs and a large number of habitats are concentrated.

great barrier reef

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