Peru is historically one of the most visited countries in Latin America by backpackers from all over the world.

Coasts, sierras and mountains make up the geography of Peru. The climate varies between 18 and 24 degrees, depending on the location you have. Most of its inhabitants practice Catholicism and it has an extension of 280 thousand square kilometers in which you will find many wonderful elements in which to delight and have a good time. If you still don’t know Peru, We leave you 10 reasons to travel to Peru. Ideal destination for your first route as a backpacker.


Each region of Peru offers unique landscapes. And that goes hand in hand with its geographical diversity. There are at least ten destinations that are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Some incredible places are Lake Titicaca, the Mountain of Colors, tropical forests, beautiful beaches and even deserts.

Reasons to travel to Peru in 2021


Discovering the Peruvian tradition will never be boring, there are thousands of years of culture and history that are reflected in hundreds of archaeological sites, which go through the pre-Inca and Inca times, up to the present. Some historical sites to see and learn about are the largest mud city in pre-Hispanic America such as Chan Chan, the Chavín de Huántar archaeological complex or that of Chachapoyas, next to Caral, the oldest sacred city on the continent.

Reasons to travel to Peru in 2021


For several years, Peru has been worthy of recognition as Best Culinary Destination in the World and that is no accident. From one place to another you get dishes that you will surely want to try. I’m talking about, for example, Shrimp ceviche, pork rinds with mote, trout, chaufa rice or grilled chicken.

Reasons to travel to Peru in 2021


You will need time to get to know many cities in Peru. To cite a few cases, stroll through Arequipa which is known as the White City and is surrounded by volcanoes. Another reference is Cuzcowhich at the time was the capital of the Inca empire without neglecting Limathe capital of the country that has a wonderful historic center that is considered a World Heritage Site with its landmark buildings.

Reasons to travel to Peru in 2021


If there is a place that stands out for the production of its artisans, that is Peru. In the manufacture of different pieces, ancestral formulas are used, in most cases woven or dyed by hand. Objects of jewelry, ceramics, vases and of course the typical brightly colored hats are the things that tourists look for the most and that it is better to buy them in the markets to obtain a good price directly from their producers.


Different references realize that they are around 3,000 kilometers of coastline that can be found in Peru. Mancora is a paradise for lovers of surfing and other water sports; in Punta Sal the sun is never lacking and in Mejía the sea marries the vegetation giving a vibrant color. The best beaches in Peru

Reasons to travel to Peru in 2021


This is one of the Wonders of the World and is located in Peru. Many travelers dream of knowing it and relate directly to the country when they talk about it. It is considered a Historic Sanctuary of Humanity and is located in Cuzco. There are multiple ways to get there, for all budgets. What is necessary is to plan ahead and get the tickets.

Reasons to travel to Peru in 2021


Peruvian nature and geography invites practice of different adventure sports, taking advantage of the ecological conditions. Climbing mountains, riding a canoe, sailing the Amazon, mountain biking, paragliding or planning any excursion is possible in Peru.

Reasons to travel to Peru in 2021


Festivities, rites and traditions that have been rooted in their beliefs are part of the life of Peruvians. One of the most striking is the Dance of the Scissors that originates from Ayacucho or the Inti Raymi that stages the worship of the ancient Sun god. They are two of the many that overflow throughout the year.


There are several areas that enjoy special protection to prevent humans from causing harm. One such case is Cerros de Amotape National Park which is crossed by the Tumbes River where American crocodiles reside or in the Huascaran in which 16 snowy peaks that exceed six thousand meters in height meet, ideal for the most adventurous.

Reasons to travel to Peru in 2021


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