The trip will take us to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain, along a pilgrimage route that always surprises and in which there is much to learn.

The pilgrimage known as the Santiago’s road It is one of the largest in the West. People from many countries of the world come together to make a route of hundreds of kilometers. The final goal is the main cathedral, getting you signs on the road that point to your destination.

More and more Argentines are living this experience and To facilitate the work there is an agency in charge of organizing the trip to the Camino de Santiago. They recommend the route that you can choose according to your state of health and age, as well as the hostel and flight reservationsprices and complementary activities.


The origins of this walk are from religious connotation. The believers, back in the Middle Ages began to make pilgrimages with the purpose of venerating the Apostle Santiago. And one of the requirements to apostille is to indicate that this is the end, although not all do so with the same objective. The Compostella
it indicates the pilgrim’s name in Latin as well as the kilometers traveled. It is a kind of official certificate.

On the Camino de Santiago you will meet people of all agessome have made the crossing in previous years and seek to repeat it whenever they can, others go their first time and explore the territory.

How to organize the trip to the Camino de Santiago from Argentina


There are some routes that are more common than others. In all of them you must take into account what time of year you will carry out the Santiago’s road, Well, either in winter or in autumn, you can find some inconveniences that you must overcome, such as rain, cold or extreme temperatures due to heat. Many agree that spring is the main option and thus be able to enjoy in all its splendor the benefits that nature offers.

The two main ways to do the tour is walking or riding a bicyclealthough most prefer to go slowly, on foot, letting themselves be enveloped by the atmosphere.

I want to tell you that there are at least 12 different routes you can choose to get there. Travel agencies offer various options so you should take the one that seems most convenient to you.

The main road is the Primitivewhich was the one carried out by Alfonso II, around 813 when they say the discovery of the tomb took place. He crossed the mountain that separates Galicia from Asturiashe passed the wall of Lugo on his way to the West and upon arrival he ordered that a church be built there.

How to organize the trip to the Camino de Santiago from Argentina

A second route consists of 170 kilometers from Galicia, starting at the Cathedral of Oviedo. Among other places, it passes through Tineo, Pola de Allande and Grandas de Salime. You enter at a height of 1130 meters in the Alto do Acebo. It consists of 14 stages all the way. To get the certificate, you must cross the Roman Wall, which is located at kilometer 100. From there you can continue to other nearby villages.


One of the most requested is the French Wayit is well signposted and considered one of those that allows better coexistence. It has a landscape full of forests, rivers, monasteries and castles. it’s possible start from Rocesvalles or Sarria, completing the 100 kilometers required. It is worth noting that It is one of the busiest and most recognized worldwide.

Y other proposals that appear are the Portuguese Way which starts in Lisbon with a length of 620 km, the English with 119 km from Coruña; the Winter one with 263 km and 10 stages, the Sanabrés with 369 km from Grane Moreruela; via la plata leaving Seville and the Inland Basque adding 199 km.


If it is your taste and you take one of the long routes, the road to Santiago you can divide it into stages. It is a way to disconnect from the routine and meet new people while you can think and reflect calmly accompanied by nature and the enchanting landscape.

Some take several days and do it in six or eight hour stretchesif they do it in groups, everyone goes at their own pace and those who go for the second or third time aspire to do so many more in the company of other family members or friends.

it is opportune to recommend that
plan the stages according to your experience and physical conditions, prepare your backpack well and get used to carrying it on your shoulders with time, wear comfortable shoes, take only what is necessary, find out the documentation you will need and above all, take it easy and get away from worries.


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